DOC Alto Adige
Lagrein Riserva

Alto Adige Lagrein Riserva DOC

The Lagrein grape variety in its smell and taste expresses the soil and the climatic conditions of the respective location in a special way. The grapes for this wine come from a single plot at the southern end of the Eisack Valley very close to the city of Bolzano. Torrential rains in 1957 brought muddy debris and boulders from the surrounding mountains into the valley. This rubble heats up in the south-facing parcel during the day and stores this heat. A gentle, cool air stream blows steadily through the rows of vines from the Eisack Valley. The interplay of these natural influences characterize the terroir of this plot. The small berry size of the Lagrein grape gives the wine an unmistakable, intense color. The tannin structure is gently and velvety. The 12-month aging in barriques and tonneaux made from French oak from Burgundy give the wine additional structure and flavor.
The vineyards:
Production area: Classic St. Magdalener area, 300 m above sea level. M.
Cultivation: Guyot Soil: clayey moraine debris, river gravel, inclusions of sand up to weathering of the quartz porphyry
Grape variety: 100% Lagrein
Yield: 9000 kg / ha
The vinification:
Winemaking: Maceration and alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks for 10-12 days
Aging: Malolactic fermentation in large French oak barrels, 12 months aging in barriques / tonneaux, subsequent harmonization in large wooden barrels
Bottling and storage: July 2019, 6-month bottle storage
Alcohol: 14% vol
Serving temperature: 18 ° C